Think smart when going digital. business and management consultant

Think smart when going digital. business and management consultant

Think smart when going digital. business and management consultantThink smart when going digital. business and management consultantThink smart when going digital. business and management consultant

Our Services

Think smart when going digital

Our concept  works through what “smart thinking when going digital” means for your business. We will work with you to:

  1. explain the difference between thinking about digital as a thing and smartly integrating digital into strategic plans .
  2. Explore the 5 main themes that drive smart thinking around digital potential and its application for your organisation .
  3. Work through the business planning process to help prioritise what’s important and when in terms of impact, investment and dependencies .
  4. Create a roadmap for driving digital adoption as an integral part of your business plans.   

Digtitally enabled transformation

There is no doubt that the pace and scale of technology development has reshaped the way we live, work and play and that pace will only increase.

 The challenge for public services going forward is how to think beyond our institutional boundaries and embrace what digital has to offer, rather than concentrate on what it is, as an integral part of a coherent and complete business plan for the next 5 years. 

We believe we can bring our proven track record in understanding and supporting strategic change across many local authorities together with progressive new thinking focused on embracing digital to deliver the sustained and fundamental transformation needed by public services in the future. 

Our proposal sets out a structured programme of work which we believe will meet your objective.

Engaging well with Markets

engaging with the public sector marketplace is complex and often frustrating! Our extensive experience as buyers, market shapers and sellers can help your company better target your propositions by:

  1. understanding the drivers behind public service requirements:
  2. structuring them to meet need and not just offer a product
  3. dealing with the myths and realities about public sector procurement to avoid the pitfalls of process failure
  4. aligning your marketing strategy with public service decision making and demand 

Getting the Basics right – technology strategy for the digital age




With all the focus on the impact of the Digital Revolution organisations can lose sight of what’s needed to make sure their technology platforms and services are fit for purpose today and over the next couple of years, or they can’t see how to map out the journey from an organisation centric model, which often has third party contracts and other commercial interests that need resolving, to one that can unlock the potential of digital: user centred design and delivery with your workforce and business strategy as the drivers. 

Our strategy offer will support you in establishing where you are, setting a clear direction to becoming digitally enabled, establishing the delivery programmes to get you there and mapping out the commercial and workforce plans to support their successful delivery. 

By getting the basics right on your current and near term technology architecture, establishing your core principles as a future digitally enabled organisation and mapping out a realistic delivery programme that is an integral part of your business strategy you can ensure digital is embedded within your culture and ambitions rather than running alongside it.