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Our Partners



we are agents and delivery partners for Mapolitical, working together to provide cloud solutions that support delivery of digitally enabled services for better, faster and cheaper public engagement and interaction. 

Mapolitical provides access to accurate and up to date information on political appointments from Parishes to MPs and all the levels between, interactive services to create consultations around places and projects and advanced tools and resources to unlock the power of geographic information systems and datasets. It supports better service delivery and decision making for public services and commercial businesses that need to engage with people and places.

Breeze Networks


We are agents for Breeze Networks, working together to develop the market for this revolutionary new approach towards providing secure low cost connectivity.

SD-WAN overcomes the challenges of network performance in remote areas as well as providing much more control of network traffic and use than traditional hardware based deployments. Its agility, speed of deployment and commercial flexibility is ideally suited for the future of work in a digital age. Breeze Networks are a new business set up by a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering large and complex network services across sectors and who recognize the game changing potential of this technology. 



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